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When you donate to us you help us achieve this two goals:

Scholarship Fund

We want to create a need-based scholarship for learners who need it. We try to keep our tuition lower than most private schools, but even that is out of reach for some families. We believe that every child deserves the freedom and opportunity to find a calling and change the world.

Dream Property

Our vision is to acquire 8-10 acres of land for our young learners. Nature will be our second classroom, where our students will be free to explore, do loose parts play, build forts, etc. They will tend our chickens and our gardens. They will even be able to take their core skills and Socratic discussions outside. We dream of giving our children the beautiful and empowering aspects of an 80's childhood experience. However, we do not want to raise tuition to make this happen. While your donations are not tax deductible, your contributions will go toward cultivating resilience and grit in our learners which will create a better future for all.


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